Burning Man's Fashion Design By Jewelry Designer: Jade Chiu 火人秀台灣設計師擦出火花

Burning Man will held be for ten days in Nevada. The participants not only dressed to impress others, they also developed their own arts and installations. Burning Man is well-known in the art world, CEO from Silicon Valley, artists, designers and geeks get together for this ten day concentration camp. 矽谷科技公司老闆、藝術家、設計師與怪咖齊聚的「火人秀」即將展開十天的恐怖集中營。參加者絞盡腦汁的用奇裝異服打扮自己,還有展現獨樹一格的各類裝置藝術。



BurningMan火人秀的參與者要在內華達沙漠裡體驗非文明人生活,無金錢交易,無飲食販賣,無冷氣、無洗手間與浴室,什麼都要自己準備,還要有顆充滿創意之心與派對動物的體力,享受24小時的派對馬拉松與來自各地的派對動物一起狂歡。No money deals, no service for foods and beverages, no air conditon, no bathroom and shower, you need to prepare everything for the camp. And you also need to have a creative heart and ready to experience wild party with other party animals

來自台灣在紐約創業的珠寶設計師Jade Chiu去年參加火人秀受到創辦人的青睞,今年受邀為火人秀設計圖騰,她將十二星座以隱晦與超寫實的方式融入火人秀的火人圖騰。

「Jade Chiu火人秀」十二星座系列

Illustrations by Jade Chiu
Jade Chiu + Burning Man Horoscope Collection
The Collection is a fusion with the Burning Man symbol mixed with Jade Chiu's original horoscope design, some of them are abstract, surreal figures and others are obvious.