What does "Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life" mean?

I saw a quote from Artsy, "Life Imitates Ads." Ads Imitate Art".  I'm curious about the origin of the phase, and I found it came from an Irish writer and a poet.

“Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life”

It's from Oscar Wilde, the most famous anti-mimesis quote.  Wilde thinks people like to describe or imitate the lifelike an art and he had his opinion about the theory from Ancient Greek philosophy about "Art imitates life", the Greek believe all the art (and the beauty) are the mimesis of all kinds of forms and styles of the life.  Wilde uses London Fog as an example, he states London Fog is not beautiful until the writers and painters create and describe it as a beautiful object.

Life Imitates Art far more than Art Imitates Life.  這句語錄源自英國作家王爾德反希臘亞里斯多德擬摹派所誕生出的諺語。古希臘擬摹派學家認為所有藝術(和美的東西)皆為生命的擬摹(複製品); 王爾德覺得是人想把自己的人生形塑的「很藝術」,他舉例說倫敦的霧很美因為畫家和詩人把它形容和塑造的很美。

我因為看到Artsy(註)重新創造出的ㄧ句廣告口號,"Life Imitates Ads." Ads Imitate Art" 而感到好奇,查出原出處後覺得涵義頗深,不只是藝術也是哲學。

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